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scite_: Smart AI Tool For Your Research: Find Relevant Works

| Basic Literature Search

1. Enter a title, author name, or DOI in the text box to search for a publication. Under "Papers", you can find all publications. There are several filters that a user can use.

2. For each paper from searching results,  it displays the citing publications and the contexts in which citations have been made, also known as citation statements. Citation statements are summaries of a cited paper. By reading citation statements, we are not only understanding differences or similarity of results and arguments, we are also looking at what those results and arguments are. 

3. Click on a publication name from the result list to access the publication detail page. For the example below, you can find this paper is cited by 125 publications and it has 52 reference lists.

4.  Each citing paper can be regarded as a starting point for a literature review from a specific citation statement, which is called forward chaining.  What you will do is click through citations until you have come upon the most recent citing publications. Forward chaining can be used to explore scientific discussions and understand the current state of the art on a topic by following citations to recent publications. By tracing citations from older to newer publications, researchers can track the evolution of ideas and interventions in a particular research area.