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scite_: Smart AI Tool For Your Research: Custom Dashboard

| What Custom Dashboards are? 

Custom Dashboards are a way of aggregating scite specific Smart Citation data about groups of papers, such as:

  • How many total supporting, contrasting, and mentioning citations they have received
  • How many editorial notices they have received
  • The trends in the scite Index over time for these papers
  • All of the articles in a table that is sortable and filterable by their citation metrics

You can know more details about how to create a custom dashboard at

| What to create Custom Dashboards? 

  • Each search result in scite can be added to a custom dashboard, and if this is the first item in your custom dashboard, a new custom dashboard will be created automatically. 

  • After adding to your custom dashboard, you can go to "My Profile" and find publications added under "My Dashboard".