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scite_: Smart AI Tool For Your Research: Acknowledge Use of AI-Generated Content

Why to Acknowledge the Use of AI?

Openly acknowledging the use of AI can help build trust, as it sets appropriate expectations and avoids any deception. Disclosing the AI nature can make the interaction more transparent. This openness supports a culture of working together and sharing knowledge in academics.

| How to Declarate AI-generated content?

No matter which type of AI tools you are using, you need to follow the instructor's guidance on where to place this acknowledgement and properly integrate it into the formal citation structure of the document. This maintains the expected standards of academic writing and attribution. It should include: 

  • Generative AI Statement: You need to mention that you used generative AI.
  • Specify the Tool: Tell which specific AI tool you used.
  • Description of Information Generation: Explain how the AI generated information.
  • Identify Prompts: Mention the prompts or instructions given to the AI.
  • Explain Output's Role: Describe how the output from the AI was used in your work.

Monash University provides helpful recommendations for how to acknowledge when and how you’ve used generated material as part of an assignment or project. Below is the suggested format from Monash University:


I acknowledge the use of [insert AI system(s) and link] to [specific use of generative artificial intelligence]. The prompts used include [list of prompts]. The output from these prompts was used to [explain use].


Example 1

I acknowledge the use of Poe ( generate information for background research. I entered the following prompts on 14 June 2024:

  • Write a 50-word summary about the introduction of cognitive and neural mechanisms. Write it in an academic style.

The output was adapted and modified for the final response.

Example 2
I acknowledge the use of Poe ( refine the academic language and accuracy of my own work. On 14 June 2024 I submitted my assigment with the instruction to “Improve the academic tone and accuracy of language, including grammatical structures, punctuation and vocabulary”. The output was then modified further to better represent my own tone and style of writing.
Example 3

If AI was permitted to be used in your assessment, but you have chosen not to use it, the following disclosure is recommended:

No content generated by AI technologies has been used in this assessment.

Source: "Acknowledging the use of generative artificial intelligence" from Monash University

| How to cite AI-generated content?

In specific situations, it may be necessary to not only declare but also cite and reference material produced by AI as you would with any other source in your assessment. The guide "Citing AI content in APA style" can give you more examples of how to cite AI-generated content.

More tips:

  • Please be advised that the use of generative artificial intelligence carries risks due to the uploading of personal and private data. 
  • Remember to check if generative artificial intelligence can be used in your assessments.