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scite_: Smart AI Tool For Your Research: Get Started

| What is scite?

scite is a tool which offers a quantitative and qualitative insight into how scientific publications cite each other.

When we look at a scientific publication nowadays, we always focus on the number of times it has been cited by others. This is purely a quantitative measure, but not all citations are equal due to the contextual information. We can look at the section of the citing paper where the citation appears, and what the authors of that paper say about the cited work. This gives us a better understanding of why the citation was made.

scite can tell you:

  • How many times the publication has been cited by others.
  • The actual text from each citing paper where the citation appears in order to show the context of how the publication was cited.
  • Whether each citation offers supporting or contrasting evidence of the cited claims in the publication of interest, or simply mention it.

| How to access scite?

To access Library’s subscription of scite, EdUHK staff and students can visit with their EdUHK network usernames and passwords.  To utilize its premium features, such as creating a researcher profile, personalizing a feed, saving searches, creating visualizations of the research, setting up a dashboard, connecting to ORCID, performing reference checks, etc., users are required to “Sign up” for a personal account by providing their email address and creating a password.