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scite_: Smart AI Tool For Your Research: Journal/Organization/Funder @ scite

| How to check the research impact of an organization, funder, and journal?

1. Under "Solutions" and then "Explore", you can find three options for you, "Journals", "Organizations" and "Funders". I select "Organziations" as an example.

2. You can type the organization name in the filers, for example I search for "Education University of Hong Kong", and then click the organization name for more details.

3. The dashboard offers key statistics, such as the total no. of articles, a breakdown of citation types, editorial notices and the site Index.

4. The scite Index (SI) measures how supported publications from an affiliation are, so you can find the SI Trends of the Education University of Hong Kong from 2000 to 2023 in terms of 2 Year SI, 5 Year SI and Lifetime SI.

5. You can scroll down to find a list of EdUHK researchers and you can click a researcher's name of interest to view their scite profile.

6.  At the last section, you can find all publications affiliated with EdUHK with various filters and sorting criteria.