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scite_: Smart AI Tool For Your Research: Reference Check

| What is Reference Check?

Reference Check is a tool that takes a PDF and generates a report that allows you to:

  • See how the manuscript cites its own references
  • See whether any have received editorial notice(s)
  • Check how many times each reference has been supported or contrasted

You can know more details at reference check of scite at

| Steps of using Reference Check

1. Under the Product tab, click on Reference Check

2. Upload a PDF of your manuscript

3. Simply wait for the report generation to complete and it will take you to the report

4. Your reference checks can be accessed from your Profile, under Reference Checks

| Example of Reference Check

Here is an example of a paper. After uploading the paper,  41 references are detected and 1 reference is found with editorial concern.

For each citation statement, you can find the text extracted from the uploaded paper and also show where it makes a citation to each reference.