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Special Education: Journals & Magazines

Special Education

Tips: Journals and Articles

A journal is a collection of scholarly articles that cover a range of different topics within a subject area and which are published together in an issue. As they are published regularly, they tend to have more current information than books.

Library gives you access to a wide range of journals to support your studies and research.

Academic Journals give peer-reviewed articles those concentrate on recent trend and topics with an in-depth investigation of the particular subject.

Obtaining items not available at EdUHK

If the Library does not provide access to the item that you would like to read, there are other options that you might like to explore:

Core Journals

1. American Journal of Sexuality Education ISSN: 1554-6136
2. Autism ISSN: 1461-7005
2017 Impact Factor: 3.906
3. Behavior Research Methods ISSN: 1554-3528
2017 Impact Factor: 3.597
4. British Journal of Special Education ISSN: 1467-8578
5. Child and Adolescent Mental Health ISSN: 1475-3588
2017 Impact Factor: 1.593
6. Culture, health & sexuality ISSN: 1464-5351
2017 Impact Factor: 1.742
7. Disability & society ISSN: 1360-0508
2017 Impact Factor: 1.212
8. Dyslexia ISSN: 1099-0909
2017 Impact Factor: 1.186
9. Ear and Hearing

ISSN: 0196-0202
2017 Impact Factor: 3.120

10. European journal of special needs education

ISSN: 1469-591X
2017 Impact Factor: 0.851

11. Gender and Education ISSN: 1360-0516
2017 Impact Factor: 0.943
12. Journal of Intellectual & Developmental Disability ISSN: 1469-9532
2017 Impact Factor: 1.176
13. Journal of Research in Special Educational Needs (JORSEN) ISSN: 1471-3802
14. Perspectives of the ASHA Special Interest Groups ISSN: 2381-473X
15. Reading Research Quarterly ISSN: 1936-2722
2017 Impact Factor: 2.739
16. Seminars in Speech and Language ISSN: 1098-9056
2017 Impact Factor: 1.073
17. The Cleft Palate-craniofacial journal ISSN: 1545-1569
2017 Impact Factor: 1.262
18. 特殊教育研究学刊 ISSN: 1026-4485
19. 現代特殊教育 ISSN: 1004-8014
20. 資優教育季刊 ISSN: 1561-3801