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Special Education: Books and EBooks

Special Education

Tips: Books and EBooks......

Books and EBooks are good information resources for you to develop fundamental knowledge of a topic.

Obtaining books not available at EdUHK

If the Library does not have the book that you would like to read, there are other options that you might like to explore:

iSearch : Finding Books and EBooks

You may input your topics or keywords into the tab to search the relevant books and ebooks from EdUHK Library's collections.
Suggested keywords or subject headings on this page can give you more ideas on your search.

Keywords / Subject Headings

Here are some suggested keywords or subject headings that can give you more ideas to develop or enhance your search strategy.

Aspergers Syndrome Handicapped children Attention deficit disordered children
Autism Hyperactive children Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder
Child psychology Inclusive education Mainstreaming in education
Dyslexia Learning disabilities Reading disability
Exceptional children Mentally handicapped School integration
Gifted children Mentally ill children Special education
Audiology Speech therapy Hearing disorders

Where are the books located?

If you want to browse the MMW Library's physical collection, follow below subclass of Library of Congress Classification Scheme and location. See our "How to Read Call Numbers" guide to learn about the basics of Library of Congress Classification Scheme and call numbers.

Subject Area Subclass Location
Theory and practice of education LB MMW 3/F
Inclusive education LC1200 - 1203 MMW 3/F
Special education, gifted, handicapped children LC3950 - 4806.5 MMW 3/F
Mental retardation, developmental disabilities RC569.7 - 571 MMW 4/F
Autism, developmental disabilities, down syndrome RJ506 MMW 4/F
Neurosciences RC321 - 571 MMW 4/F
Neurology.  Diseases of the nervous system.  Including speech disorders RC346-429 MMW 4/F