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AI Research Tools for Literature Reviews


This guide aims to provide researchers with an overview of how artificial intelligence (AI) can enhance the process of conducting literature reviews.

AI research tools enable researchers to save valuable time and improve the accuracy of their literature reviews. With the help of AI research tools, researchers can efficiently identify relevant studies from a huge amount of information and easily extract key insights. These tools also facilitate the organization and management of research materials, allowing for a more streamlined and effective review process.

Although AI tools can streamline the process and help you find valuable articles, it's still important to use a variety of research methods and sources with your critical thinking. You are advised to critically evaluate these tools for their validity and accuracy before using them. We suggest that these AI-based tools should only be used as a supplement to traditional validated scholarly databases instead of totally replacing them.  The list of tools suggested by us is not exhaustive, as the field of AI-based research tools is rapidly advancing. You are strongly encouraged to contact us for help if any specific AI-based tools you are interested in.

Use the navigation tabs on the left to identify and develop your understanding of:

  • Recommendations about some AI research tools used for the literature review 
  • Comparison of AI research tools, including cost, data source, features etc.
  • Limitations of AI research tools
  • How to cite AI-generated contents