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Research Impact

What is Research Impact?

Research impact has various definitions. Broadly, it is all the diverse ways that research benefits individuals, organisations and nations through increasing the effectiveness of public services and policy, improving quality of life and health, or economic benefits. Research impact refers to the influence and significance of research in the academic community and beyond.

Citation metrics serve as valuable tools for researchers, helping them identify significant publications and influential authors within a particular field. Using citation metrics, researchers can gain insights into the significance and influence of scholarly works and individuals within their respective domains.

Taylor & Francis Group prepares a simple guide on research metric at:

How can this guide help you?

Who you are Things to consider
an early career researcher

Create an ORCID to keep track of your publications and citations 

Understand author-level metrics to measure your impact as an individual researcher

Find out your citation count and h-index in the various databases

Understand how to increase your research visibility

doing peer benchmarking

Understand article-level metrics and author-level metrics

looking for a journal with high-impact

Understand journal-level metrics

Check if the journal is indexed in Scopus or Web of Science (JCR)