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AI Research Tools for Literature Reviews

Tool Cost Data source Literature searching Use AI-text generator? Full-text analysing and summarising Features
SciSpace Free at the moment From multiple geographically dispersed HPC data centres By similarity and citation chain Yes Yes
  • Have an AI-chat with your research papers, including asking questions and receiving explanations.
  • Literature review tool allows you to conduct quick and efficient literature reviews, and extract key data from PDFs
  • Citation generator is to generate citations in the correct format
  • AI paraphraser is used to rewrite texts for better clarity
  • Detect the AI-generated content to maintain the integrity of the literature review detection of AI-generated content
Consensus Free at the moment in the beta version Semantic Scholar By similarity and citation chain No Yes
  • Analyze and extract key information from research articles, providing concise summaries.
  • The Consensus Meter indicates the level of agreement among the summarized papers on a particular topic. 
  • Filter search results based on study types (such as meta-analysis, systematic review, RCT, case report) and study details. It also offers the filter of SJR Quartile rating for journals.
Scite_ Only 7-day trial free version, and requires an individual or organizational plan Semantic Scholar, PubMed and various publishers By similarity and citation chain Yes Yes

Contextualizes citation information by:

  • "Smart Citations" allows users to see how a research paper has been cited in subsequent publications
  • Whether citations support, contrast, or mention the article
  • Chrome add-on provides information about citations that support, contrast, or simply mention the article with the link-through to Scite
Elicit Free version and paid version available  Semantic Scholar By similarity and citation chain Yes Yes
  • The results page displays relevant papers on the left and summaries of key information about those papers in an easy-to-use table on the right.
  • Classifies the types of articles
  • AI-generated article summary with key points
  • Click- through to article in Semantic Scholar
  • Provides articles that cited source and text where citation appeared
ChatPDF Currently available for free for up to three PDF uploads of 120 pages or less per day Open-source By similarity and citation chain Yes Yes
  • Analyzes your PDF file and creates a semantic index of every paragraph
  • Asks ChatPDF any question you have about your PDF file, and it will give you an answer based on the relevant paragraphs
  • Interprets and translates PDF files in any language
Research Rabbit Free at the moment Semantic Scholar By similarity and citation chain No No
  • Visualizes works and authors on a graph, and the graph shows the citation relationships between the papers, and the intensity of colors indicates the recency of the papers.
  • Simplifies the process of customizing a search strategy onto one web page, updating its list of recommended articles as papers are added or removed
  • Integrates with Zotero may be advantageous for researchers already using that referencing system