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Early Childhood Education: Books and EBooks

Tips: Books and EBooks......

Books and EBooks are good information resources for you to develop fundamental knowledge of a topic.

Children Literature Collection

Children’s Literature Collection (CLC) - MMW 1/F

Children’s Literature Collection (CLC) is a unique collection of reading materials targeted for children at pre-primary to the junior secondary level which support teaching, learning and research by staff and students of the University.

Children’s Literature Collection (CLC) - MMW 1/F

Taiwanese Children’s Literature Books

Obtaining books not available at EdUHK

If the Library does not have the book that you would like to read, there are other options that you might like to explore:

Where are the books located?

If you want to browse the MMW Library's physical collection, follow below subclass of Library of Congress Classification Scheme and location. See our "How to Read Call Numbers" guide to learn about the basics of Library of Congress Classification Scheme and call numbers.

Subject Area Subclass Location
Child psychology BF712 - 723 MMW 2/F
Child development (sociological aspects) HQ767.8 - 792.2 MMW 2/F
Child study LB1101 - 1139 MMW 3/F
Preschool education LB1140 MMW 3/F
Kindergarten education LB1141 - 1499 MMW 3/F
Early childhood teachers LB1733 - 1775.5 MMW 3/F
Kindergarten music MT920 - 925 MMW 3/F