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Science Education: Physics

School Textbooks / Teaching Resources

MMW Library
contains a rich collection in school textbooks and teaching resources. They are intrinsic information for teaching plan development. The below links will direct you to see the location and status of PHYSICS teaching materials in MMW Library.

Books, EBooks & Reference Works


= Flying Circus of Physics; Walker, Jearl

沃克 著; 葉偉文 譯; 2009

宇宙必修課: 給大忙人的天文物理學入門攻略

= Astrophysics for People in a Hurry; Tyson, Neil deGrasse

泰森 著; 蘇漢宗 譯; 2017

Physics Lab Experiments

French, Matthew M.J.; 2017

3000 Solved Problems in Physics

Halpern, Alvin M.; 1988


= ぶつりの1・2・3 誰でも解ける! センター物理「力学」の3ステップ解法; 桑子研

桑子研著 ; 李漢庭譯

Selected Databases


From EBSCOhost - Physics Education

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