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Professional and Vocational Education: Books and EBooks

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Counseling in Education

Counseling in Vocational Education

Curriculum Planning

Education and Globalization

Educational Leadership

Effective Teaching

Experiential Learning

Occupational Training

Problem-based Learning

Professional Education

Reflective Teaching

Technical Education

Vocational Education

Vocational Guidance

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Subject Area



Education (General)


MMW Book (3/F)

Teaching (Principles and practice)

LB1025 – 1050.7

Education and training of teachers and administrators

LB1705 – 2286


LB2361 – 2365

School administration and organization

LB2801 – 3095

School management and discipline

LB3011 – 3095

Vocational education (General)

LC1041 – 1048

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Book Reviews

Adult education as empowerment : re-imagining lifelong learning through the capability approach, recognition theory and common goods perspective  Pepka Boyadjieva; Petya Ilieva-Trichkova; 2021

Anti-racist professional development for in-service teachers : emerging research and opportunities  Jenice View; DeMulder, Elizabeth K.; Stribling, Stacia M.; Dallman, Laura L.; 2021

Being a teacher educator in challenging times : negotiating the rapids of professional learning  Mike. Hayler; Williams, Judy; 2020

Building great mental health professional-teacher teams  Erin. Stalbaum; Oliver, Brandie M.; Phelps, Chavez.; Balch, Bradley V.; 2021

Career development and counseling : putting theory and research to work  Brown, Steven D.; Lent, Robert W. ; 2020

Childcare professionals : a practical career guide  Tracy Brown Hamilton ; 2022

Comparative vocational education research : enduring challenges and new ways forward  Pilz, Matthias; Li, Junmin; 2020

Cultivating teacher resilience international approaches, applications and impact  Mansfield, Caroline F.; 2020

Digitally enabling 'learning by doing' in vocational education : enhancing 'learning as becoming' processes  Selena Chan; 2021

Effects of the LETRS reading professional development on teachers' self-efficacy and reading instruction  Andrew C. Houser; 2021

Equal access for students with disabilities : the guide for health science and professional education  Lisa M. Meeks; Jain, Neera R.; Laird, Elisa P.; 2021

Enriching higher education students' learning through post-work placement interventions  Billett, Stephen; Orrell, Janice; Jackson, Denise; Valencia-Forrester, Faith; 2020

Essentials of communication skill and skill enhancement : a primer for students and professionals  John O. Greene; 2021

Ethical leadership and decision making in education: applying theoretical perspectives to complex dilemmas  Joan Poliner Shapiro; Jacqueline A. Stefkovich; 2022

Gender issues in technical and vocational education programs  Shashi Bala; Singhal, Puja; 2020

Generative leadership : rescripting the promise of action research  Christine Joy Edwards-Groves; Karin Ronnerman; 2021

Handbook of research on educator preparation and professional learning  Polly, Drew; Martin, Christie; Dikilitaş, Kenan; 2020

Handbook of university and professional careers in school psychology  Floyd, Randy G.; Eckert, Tanya L.; 2021

Handbook of vocational education and training : developments in the changing world of work  McGrath, Simon; Mulder, Martin; Papier, Joy; Suart, Rebecca; 2020

How to promote Hong Kong secondary school teachers' professional status and social recognition  Zhizheng Feng; Hong Kong Policy Research Institute. Centre for Education Research and Development; Hong Kong Association of the Heads of Secondary Schools; 2021

Identity and teacher professional development : a reflective, collaborative and agentive learning Journey  Maria Antonietta. Impedovo; 2021

Informal learning, practitioner inquiry, and occupational education : an epistemological perspective  Sai Loo; Sutton, Brian; 2021

International perspectives on research in educational and career guidance : promoting equity through guidance  Malik-Liévano, Beatriz; Álvarez-González, Beatriz; Sánchez-García, María Fe; Irving, Barrie A.; 2020

Learning and reflection : an exploratory case study of Singapore teachers learning in an online professional development course  Florence Ching Ting Lee; 2021

Motivational interviewing in higher education : a primer for academic advisors and student affairs professionals  Benjamin M. Ogles; Wood, David Samuel; Weidner, Rebecca O.; Brown, Samuel D.; 2021

Navigating post-doctoral career placement, research, and professionalism  Moffett, Noran L.; 2021

New models for technical and vocational education and training  Makgato, Moses; Barabasch, Antje; 2020

Practice-focused research in further adult and vocational education : shifting horizons of educational practice, theory and research  Gregson, Margaret; Spedding, Patricia; 2020

Preparing for college and university teaching : competencies for graduate and professional students  Joanna Gilmore; Molly Hatcher; 2021

Professional and ethical consideration for early childhood leaders  Cunningham, Denise D.; 2020

Professional development and knowledge of mathematics teachers  Zehetmeier, Stefan; Potari, Despina; Ribeiro, Miguel; 2021

Professional development of teacher educators in further education : pathways, knowledge, identities and vocationalism  Sai Loo; 2020

Quality in teacher education and professional development : Chinese and German perspectives  Li Zijian; Ehmke, Timo; 2022

Redesigning teaching, leadership, and indigenous education in the 21st century  Roberts, Leesha Nicole; 2021

Reflective teaching in further, adult and vocational education  Margaret Gregson; Duncan, Sam, Ed. D.; Brosnan Kevin; Hillier, Yvonne; 2020

Reimagining professional development in schools  Hargreaves, Eleanore; Rolls, Luke; 2021

Reshaping graduate education through innovation and experiential learning  Jenkins, Toby S.; 2021

Science education and teacher professional development : combining learning with research  Elizabeth. A. C. Rushton; 2021

Socio-economic perspectives on vocational skill development  Zamanian, Mostafa; Zamanian, Morteza; 2020

Strengthening school counselor advocacy and practice for important populations and difficult topics  Rausch, Meredith; Gallo, Laura L.; 2021

Sustainable development, career counselling and career education  Laura, Nota; Soresi, Salvatore; Di Maggio, Ilaria; Santilli, Sara; Ginevra, Maria Cristina; 2020

Teacher educator experiences and professional development : perspectives from the Caribbean  Jennifer, Yamin-Ali; 2021

Teachers and leaders in vocational education and training  2021

Teachers as professional learners : contextualising identity across policy and practice  Ellen, Larsen; Allen, Jeanne Maree; 2021

Teachers' participation in professional development : a systematic review  Claudia, Krille; 2020

Teaching and learning employability skills in career and technical education : industry, educator, and student perspectives  Will, Tyson; 2020

Teaching performance assessments as a cultural disruptor in initial teacher education : standards, evidence and collaboration  Claire Wyatt-Smith; Leonre Adie; Joce Nuttall; 2021

Technical and vocational education and training : assessment of technical and vocational education and training on the development of the world's economy  Nathaniel Gyimah; 2020

Technology for physical educators, health educators, and coaches : enhancing instruction, assessment, management, professional development, and advocacy  Seth Jenny; Krause, Jennifer M.; Armstrong, Tess; 2021

The international handbook of teacher ethos : strengthening teachers, supporting learners  Fritz Oser; Karin Heinrichs; Johannes Bauer; Terence Lovat; 2021

The PD curator : how to design peer-to-peer professional learning that elevates teachers and teaching  Lauren Porosoff; 2021

The special education teachers' perception of professional development and the alignment to inclusive teaching practices  LaShondra Decarr Jackson; 2021

The teacher educator's handbook : a narrative approach to professional learning  Elizabeth White; 2021

The turning point for the teaching profession : growing expertise and evaluative thinking  Field Rickards; Hattie, John; Reid, Catherine; 2021

Transforming novices into professionals : a comprehensive and systematic guide to teacher induction  Mattew Jennings; 2022

Thriving in academia : building a career at a teaching-focused institution  Pamela I. Ansburg; Basham, Mark E.; Gurung, Regan A. R.; 2022

Vocational education and training in Sub-Saharan Africa : evidence informed practice for unemployed and disadvantaged youth  Celestin Mayombe; 2021

Vocational education and training in the age of digitization: challenges and opportunities  Eveline Wuttke; Jürgen Seifried; Helmut Niegemann; 2020

Vocational education and training in Thailand  2021

Vocational guidance strategies in secondary education : media and technique: a case study for the choice of vocational training careers in adolescents  E. E. Altamar Colón; Lugo Arias, E. R.; Palencia Dominguez, P. A.; 2020

生涯諮商 : 優勢, 多元, 全方位  Norman C. Gysbers; Heppner, Mary J.; Johnston, Joseph A.; 田秀蘭; 2020

你想當什麼樣的老師? : 從科學傳播到經營教研  黃俊儒; 2020

技職教育之破與立  陳珠龍; 陳德華;胡茹萍; 2020