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Professional and Vocational Education: Books and EBooks

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Books and EBooks are good information resources for you to develop fundamental knowledge of a topic.

Keywords / Subject Headings

Counseling in Education

Counseling in Vocational Education

Curriculum Planning

Education and Globalization

Educational Leadership

Effective Teaching

Experiential Learning

Occupational Training

Problem-based Learning

Professional Education

Reflective Teaching

Technical Education

Vocational Education

Vocational Guidance

Where are the books located?

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Subject Area



Education (General)


MMW Book (3/F)

Teaching (Principles and practice)

LB1025 – 1050.7

Education and training of teachers and administrators

LB1705 – 2286


LB2361 – 2365

School administration and organization

LB2801 – 3095

School management and discipline

LB3011 – 3095

Vocational education (General)

LC1041 – 1048

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Book Reviews

Competence-based vocational and professional education : bridging the worlds of work and education  Mulder, Martin; 2017

Educating future teachers: innovative perspectives in professional experience  Kriewaldt, Jeana (Editor); Ambrosetti, Angelina (Editor); Rorrison, Doreen (Editor); Capeness, Ros (Editor); 2018

Enacted personal professional learning : re-thinking teacher expertise with story-telling and problematics  Carmel Patterson; 2019

Experiential learning within teacher education programs : a qualitative approach to evaluating student teachers' learning and understanding its benefits  Jessie Mei Ling Chow; Harfitt, Gary James; 2018

Handbook of research on blended learning pedagogies and professional development in higher education  Keengwe, Jared (Editor); 2018

Internationalization in vocational education and training : transnational perspectives  Tran, Ly Thi; Dempsey, Kate; 2017

Integration of vocational education and training experiences purposes, practices and principles  Sarojni. Choy; 2018

Management education for global leadership  Baporikar, Neeta; 2017

Precarity and vocational education and training : craftsmanship and employability in Romania  Maria-Carmen Pantea; 2019

Professional and support staff in higher education  Bossu, Carina (Editor); Brown, Natalie (Editor); 2018

Professional development for inquiry-based science teaching and learning  Tsivitanidou, Olia E. (Editor); Gray, Peter (Editor); Rybska, Eliza (Editor); Louca, Loucas (Editor); Constantinou, Costas P. (Editor); 2018

Reimagining advocacy : rhetorical education in the legal clinic  Elizabeth C. Britt; 2018

STEM education and professional development for HK teachers  Lau, A.; 2017

Teacher education in lifelong learning : developing professionalism as a democratic endeavour  Alison Iredale2018

Teacher professional learning in international education : practice and perspectives from the vocational education and training sector  Ly Thi. Tran; Le, Truc Thi Thanh; 2018

Technical and vocational education in China  Wu, Xueping; Ye, Yiqun2018

The Wiley handbook of vocational education and training  Guile, David (Editor);Unwin, Lorna (Editor); 2019

Vocational education and training in times of economic crisis : lessons from around the world  Pilz, Matthias; 2017

Vocational identity and career construction in education  Fidan, Tuncer (Editor); 2019

高等教育  國立暨南國際大學. 教育政策與行政學系; 2017-2018

教師專業發展 : 過去與未來  林思騏; 陳盛賢; 2018

專業發展導向教師評鑑 : 理論與實務  張德銳; 李俊達; 2017

課程設計力 : 環境教育職人完全攻略  環境友善種子團隊; 2017