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Entrepreneurship Education: Books and EBooks

Entrepreneurship Education

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Commerce -- Business


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Commerce -- Business Accounting


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Commerce -- Business Marketing


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Public Finance


MMW Library 2/F


Global considerations in entrepreneurship education and training

Carvalho, Luisa Cagica, 1970- editor.;Daniel, Ana Dias, editor.;IGI Global, publisher.; [2019]




Start-ups and SMEs : concepts, methodologies, tools, and applications

IGI Global, publisher.;Information Resources Management Association, editor.2020


Handbook of research on entrepreneurship, innovation, and internationalization

Babi�c, Verica, 1955- editor.;Nedelko, Zlatko, 1983- editor.;IGI Global, publisher.[2020]


How to teach entrepreneurship

Colin Jones author.[2019]


Developing entrepreneurial competencies for start-ups and small business

�Sebestov�a, Jarmila, 1977- editor.;IGI Global, publisher.[2020]


Responsible entrepreneurship education : emerging research and opportunities

Marzi, Giacomo, 1989- editor.;Caputo, Andrea, 1986- editor.;IGI Global, publisher.[2019]


Title Enterprising education in UK higher education : challenges for theory and practice

Mulholland, Gary, editor.;Turner, Jason J., 1973- editor.; 2019

Entrepreneurship education and economic development preparing the workforce for the twenty-first century economy.

Carla Marie. Bridges; London, James;Dunning, Anne committee member;Barkley, David committee member;Clemson University. Planning and Landscape Architecture.; 2008


創業 : 從0到1的思維與實作

劉昶, 1969- author.; 2017

Entrepreneurship education : experiments with curriculum, pedagogy and target groups

Manimala, Mathew J., 1950- editor.;Thomas, Princy, editor.; [2017]