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Entrepreneurship Education


Hi!  Welcome to the Subject Guide on Entrepreneurship Education. Here you will find useful information resources to support your learning and teaching in this subject area.   
Just use the tab above to browse the resources available.  Enjoy reading! 

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What is Entrepreneurship Education

Entrepreneurship education has advanced as a means to educate the new twenty-first century workforce by giving students the skills to take any area of study or discipline and be creative, innovative, and entrepreneurial. Through entrepreneurship education, flexibility, adaptability, and resilience are taught and applied so that success can be achieved as workforce demands change over time (Welsh, 2014)

(Welsh, 2014)  Welsh, Dianne H. B. Creative Cross-disciplinary Entrepreneurship: A Practical Guide for a Campus-wide Program. New York City, NY: Palgrave Macmillan, 2014. p. 2

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