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Religious Spiritual Education: Databases and Articles

Tips: Electronic Databases......

Electronic databases provide lists of publications about a particular subject over a specific period of time. Some databases contain full text of publications.

Find Articles through iSearch

Using iSearch from EdUHK Library is a fast and convenient way to retrieve research articles that you need. Just key in title, author, keywords, or other related publication information into the tab below.

Recommended Articles

Adams, K. (2017) Towards an interdisciplinary approach to understanding the nurturing of spirituality and the whole child. International Journal of Children's Spirituality. 22:1, 1-3. 

Gilluly, S., Allison, S., Maynes, M., & Simpkins, R. (2017). Spirituality and the whole child: Interdisciplinary approachesInternational Journal of Children's Spirituality, 22(1), 102-103.

Adams, K., Bull, R., & Maynes, M. (2016). Early childhood spirituality in education: Towards an understanding of the distinctive features of young children's spiritualityEuropean Early Childhood Education Research Journal, 24(5), 760-774.

Adams, K., Monahan, J., & Wills, R. (2015). Losing the whole child? A national survey of primary education training provision for spiritual, moral, social and cultural developmentEuropean Journal of Teacher Education, 38(2), 199–216.

Champagne, E. (2008). Living and dying: a window on (Christian) children’s spiritualityInternational Journal of Children’s Spirituality, 13(3), 253–263.


Databases and Articles