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Education Policy and Leadership: Books and EBooks

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Theory and practice of education


Education and training of teachers and administrators

LB1705 – 2286

School administration and organization -- General

LB2801 – 2831

Administrative personnel

LB2831.6 – 2831.99

Teaching personnel

LB2832 – 2844.1

Trade Union

LB2844.52 – 2844.63

School management and discipline

LB3011 – 3095

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English Books Highlight

A model of emotional leadership in schools effective leadership to support teachers' emotional wellness  Izhak Berkovich; Eyal, Ori; 2021

Anti-racist professional development for in-service teachers : emerging research and opportunities  Jenice View; DeMulder, Elizabeth K.; Stribling, Stacia M.; Dallman, Laura L.; 2021

Caring confrontations for education and democracy  R. Scott Webster; 2022

Change and improvement in school-university partnership settings : emerging research and opportunities  Linda Anne Catelli; 2021

China urban and rural public education service equalization : development and application of performance measurement  Zhe Luo; 2022

Civic engagement in global contexts : international education, community partnerships, and higher education  Bowman, Jim; DeWinter, Jennifer; 2021

Communicating social justice in teacher education : insights from a critical classroom ethnography  Aubrey Huber; 2021

Compulsory education policy in China : concept and practice  Jian Li; Eryong Xue; 2021

Critical transformative educational leadership & policy studies  Paraskeva, Joao M.; 2021

Cultivating entrepreneurial changemakers through digital media education  Byrd, Leslie Simone (Editor); 2021

Curriculum change within policy and practice reforming second-level education in Ireland  Murchan, Damian; Johnston, Keith; 2021

Digital transformation of learning organizations  Ifenthaler, Dirk; Hofhues, Sandra; Egloffstein, Marc; Helbig, Christian; 2021

Dismantling educational sexism through teacher education : engaging preservice teachers in an anti-sexism curriculum Kimberly J. Pfeifer; 2022

Early language learning policy in the 21 Century : an international perspective  Subhan Zein; Maria R. Coady; 2021

Education, equality, and justice in the new normal : global responses to the pandemic  Accioly, Inny; Macedo, Donaldo P.; 2022

Education policy, theories, and trends in the 21st century international and Israeli perspectives  Izhak. Berkovich; 2021

Education policy in Chinese high schools : concept and practice  Jian Li; Eryong Xue; 2021

Education system design : foundations, policy options and consequences  Hudson, Brian; Leask, Marilyn; Younie, Sarah; 2021

Educational equity policy in China : concept and practice  Eryong Xue; Jian Li; 2021

Educational reform and international baccalaureate in the Asia-Pacific  Coulson, David Gregory; Datta, Shammi; Davies, Michael James; 2021

Emerging strategies for public education reform  Grant, Marquis C; 2021

Empowering formal and informal leadership while maintaining teacher identity  Zugelder, Bryan S.; 2021

Envisioning teaching and learning of teachers for excellence and equity in education  Xudong Zhu; Huan Song; 2021

Ethical leadership and decision making in education: applying theoretical perspectives to complex dilemmas  Joan Poliner Shapiro; Jacqueline A. Stefkovich; 2022

Examining teach for all : international perspectives on a growing global network  Thomas, Matthew A. M.; Rauschenberger, Emilee; Crawford-Garrett, Katherine; 2021

Fundraising principles for faculty and academic  Aaron. Conley; Shaker, Genevieve G.; 2021

Great mistakes in education policy : and how to avoid them in the future  Ruth Lupton and Debra Hayes; 2021

Handbook of giftedness and talent development in the Asia-Pacific  Smith, Susen R.; 2021

Handbook for online learning contexts : digital, mobile and open : policy and practice  Ann Marcus-Quinn; Triona Hourigan; 2021

Handbook of research on character and leadership development in military schools  Ryan, Mark Patrick; Weekes, Timothy L.; 2021

Handbook of research on lessons learned from transitioning to virtual classrooms during a pandemic  Thornburg, Amy W.; Ceglie, Rob J.; Abernathy, Dixie F.; 2021

Handbook of research on the changing role of college and university leadership  Miller, Michael T.; Gearhart G. David; 2021

Higher education in Taiwan : global, political and social challenges and future trends  Hou, Angela Yung-Chi; Chiang, Tung-liang; Chan, Sheng-Ju; 2021

Identity and teacher professional development : a reflective, collaborative and agentive learning journey  Maria Antonietta Impedovo; 2021

Importing transnational education capacity, sustainability and student experience from the host country perspective  Tsiligiris, Vangelis; Lawton, William; Hill, Christopher; 2021

International perspectives on school settings, education policy and digital strategies : a transatlantic discourse in education research; 2021

Irish and British reflections on Catholic education : foundations, identity, leadership issues and religious education in Catholic schools  Whittle, Sean; 2021

Metrics, standards and alignment in teacher policy critiquing fundamentalism and imagining pluralism  Jessica. Holloway; 2021

Multilingual education yearbook 2021 : policy and practice in STEM multilingual contexts  Anthony A. Essien; Audrey Msimanga; 2021

Neoliberalism across education : policy and practice from early childhood through adult learning  Ewan Ingleby; 2021

New directions of local higher education policy : insights from China  Jian Li; 2021

Policy development in TESOL and multilingualism : past, present and the way forward  Kashif Raza; Christine Coombe; Dudley Reynolds; 2021

Politics, education and social problems : complicated classroom conversations  Jennifer Rich; 2021

Preferential education policies in multi-ethnic China : national rhetoric, local realities  Naomi C. F. Yamada; 2021

Principal leadership for parent engagement in disadvantaged schools what qualities and strategies distinguish effective principals?  Linda-Dianne. Willis; Povey, Jenny; Hodges, Julie; Carroll, Annemaree; 2021

Private education policy in China : concepts, problems and strategies  Eryong Xue; Jian Li; 2021

Quality in teacher education and professional development : Chinese and German perspectives  Li Zijian; Ehmke, Timo; 2022

Re-envisioning higher education's public mission global perspectives  Papadimitriou, Antigoni; Boboc, Marius; 2021

Research on global citizenship education in Asia : conceptions, perceptions, and practice  Alviar-Martin, Theresa; Baildon, Mark; 2021

Responsive schooling for culturally and linguistically diverse students  Debbie Zacarian; Soto, Ivannia; 2020

Shared governance, law, and policy in higher education : a guide for student affairs practitioners  George S. McClellan; Neal H. Hutchens; 2021

Social justice re-examined : dilemmas and solutions for the classroom teacher  Arshad, Rowena; Wrigley, Terry; Pratt, Lynne; 2020

Syntheses of higher education research : what we know  Malcolm Tight; 2021

Teacher education : opportunities, challenges and perspectives  Mattsson, Ivan; 2021

Teacher education policy and research : global perspectives  Diane Mayer; 2021

Teacher education policy in China : background, ideas, and implications  Eryong Xue; Jian Li; 2021

Teacher transition into innovative learning environments a global perspective  Imms, Wesley; Kvan, Thomas; 2021

Teaching and learning for social justice and equity in higher education : co-curricular environments  Parson, Laura; Ozaki, C. Casey; 2021

Teaching and learning for social justice and equity in higher education content areas  Ozaki, C. Casey; Parson, Laura; 2021

The cultural and social foundations of educational leadership : an international comparison  Romuald Normand; Lejf Moos; Min Liu; Pierre Tulowitzki; 2021

The marketisation of higher education : concepts, cases, and criticisms  Branch, John D; Christiansen, Bryan; 2021

The science of higher education : state higher education policy and the laws of scale  Mario C. Martinez; 2021

The STEM pathway and student retention lessons applied and best practices through peer mentoring  Carita Harrell; Capco, David G.; 2021

The structure of schooling : readings in the sociology of education  Richard Arum; Irenee R. Beattie; Merced, Karly Ford; 2021

Third International handbook of globalisation, education and policy research  Zaida, Joseph; 2021

Towards the compassionate university : from global thread to global impact  Waddington, Kathryn; 2021

Transforming novices into professionals : a comprehensive and systematic guide to teacher induction  Mattew Jennings; 2022

Transforming turnaround schools in China : approaches, challenges and achievements  Peng. Liu; 2021

Transgressing teacher education : strategies for equity, opportunity and social justice in urban teacher preparation and practice  Alice E. Ginsberg; 2022

Using data to improve teacher education : moving evidence into action  Peck, Charles A.; Cuthrell, Kristen; Pointer Mace, Désirée H.; Sloan, Tine F.; Lys, Diana B.; 2021