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Education Policy and Leadership: Books and EBooks

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Keywords / Subject Headings

Education Administration

Education Policy

Educational Accountability

Educational Change

Educational Evaluation

Educational Leadership

Educational Planning

Educational Technology

School-based Management

School Administration

School Management and Organization

School Management Teams

School Supervision

Teacher Education

Teacher Participation in Administration

Universities and Colleges Administration

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Subject Area


Theory and practice of education


Education and training of teachers and administrators

LB1705 – 2286

School administration and organization -- General

LB2801 – 2831

Administrative personnel

LB2831.6 – 2831.99

Teaching personnel

LB2832 – 2844.1

Trade Union

LB2844.52 – 2844.63

School management and discipline

LB3011 – 3095

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English Books Highlight

Agency in language policy and planning: critical inquiriea   Bouchard, Jeremie (Editor); Glasgow, Gregory Paul (Editor); 2019

Challenges and opportunities for women in higher education leadership  Schnackenberg, Heidi L. (Editor); Simard, Denise A. (Editor); 2019

Critical pedagogy in Hong Kong : classroom stories of struggle and hope   Carlos, Soto2019

Education, ethnicity and equity in the multilingual asian context  Gube, Jan Christian C. (Editor); Gao, Fang (Editor); 2019

Educational leadership in policy : challenges and implementation within Europe  Ingþórsson, Ágúst Hjörtur.; Alfirević, Nikša.; Pavicic, Jurica; Vican, Dijana.; 2019

Emotion management and feelings in teaching and educational leadership Oplatka, Izhar; 2019

Enacted personal professional learning : re-thinking teacher expertise with story-telling and problematics  Carmel Patterson; 2019

Entrepreneurs creating educational innovation case studies from Australia  Laura, Hougaz2020

Feminist theory in diverse productive practices : an educational philosophy and theory gender and sexualities reader   Jackson, Liz (Editor); Peters, Michael A. (Editor); 2019

Higher education administration for social justice and equity : critical perspectives for leadership   Kezar, Adrianna J. (Editor); Posselt, Julie R. (Editor); 2020

International handbook of teacher education worldwide  Karras, Konstantinos G. (Editor); Wolhuter, C. C. (Editor); 2019

Knowledge, policy and practice in teacher education : a cross-national study  Tatto, Maria Teresa (Editor); Menter, Ian (Editor); 2019

Paradigm shift in education : towards the third wave of effectiveness   Yin Cheong Cheng; 2019

Predictive models for school leadership and practices  Amzat, Ismail Hussein (Editor); 2019

Rethinking 21st century diversity in teacher preparation, K-12 education, and school policy : theory, research, and practice  Sharma, Suniti (Editor); Lazar, Althier M. (Editor); 2019

Research handbook on the sociology of education   Becker, Rolf; 2019

Teaching creative and critical thinking in schools   Russell Grigg; Lewis, Helen; 2019

Teachers at the table : voice, agency, and advocacy in educational policymaking  Annalee G. Good2019

Teachers' work and emotions: a sociological analysis  Kwok Kuen Tsang; 2019

Technology leadership for innovation in higher education  Qian, Yufeng (Editor); Huang, Gujyou (Editor); 2019

The heart and science of teaching : transformative applications that integrate academic and social-emotional learning  C. Bobbi Hansen; 2019

The politics of education policy in an era of inequality : possibilities for democratic schooling  Sonya Douglass Horsford; Scott, Janelle T.; Anderson, Gary L.; 2019

The university unthought : notes for a future  Bhattacharya, Debaditya, editor.2019

University governance and academic leadership in the EU and China  Zhu, Chang (Editor); Zayim-Kurtay, Merve (Editor); 2019

Chinese Books Highlight

不平等的教育 : 批判教育社會學的九堂課  黃庭康; 2018

全球公民教育與多元文化主義危機 : 當前挑戰與觀點辯論  Massimiliano TarozziTorres, Carlos Alberto108年 [2019]

向下扎根! 法國教育的公民思辨課  Tahar Ben Jelloun; 2019

明日學校 : 杜威論學校教育  John Dewey; 2018

思辨是我們的義務 : 那些瑞典老師教我的事   吳媛媛; 2019

香港教育改革與發展透析, 1997-2017  教育2.1; 2018

高等教育  國立暨南國際大學. 教育政策與行政學系; 2017-2018

組織改造與教育發展  林海清; 2018

教育哲學導論  George R. Knight2018

教師專業發展 : 過去與未來  林思騏; 陳盛賢2018

教學社會學   Willard Waller; 2018

教育社會學   周新富; 2018

華人教育模式 : 全球化視角  周祝瑛, 魯嬪文; 2018

學校最該教什麼?  劉政暉; 2018

圖解教育行政實務  秦夢群; 鄭文淵2019

圖解領導學  戴國良; 2019

國小校長領導的微觀政治分析個案研究  林玲吟; 2018