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Education Counseling: Books and EBooks

Tips: Books and EBooks......

Books and EBooks are good information resources for you to develop fundamental knowledge of a topic.

iSearch : Books + EBooks

You may input your topics or keywords into the tab to search the relevant books and ebooks from EdUHK Library's collections.
Suggested keywords or subject headings on this page can give you more ideas on your search.

Keywords / Subject Headings

Adolescent Psychology Counselors
Child Development Educational Counseling
Child Psychology Educational Psychology
Children Counseling of Group Counseling
Counseling Group Guidance in Education
Counseling Case Studies Peer Counseling
Counseling in Education Psychotherapy
Counseling in Elementary Education Students Psychology
Counseling in Higher Education Teacher Participation in Educational Counseling
Counseling in Secondary Education Vocational Guidance
Counseling of Children Youth Psychology

Call Numbers for Different Psychological Subject Areas

Books on various areas of psychology are shelved according to call numbers based on the Library of Congress classification system. Call numbers of selected areas of psychology are listed below:


Psychology BF1-940
Applied psychology BF636 - 637
Vocational guidance. Career development HF5381 - 5386
Student guidance and counseling LB1027.5
Educational Psychology LB1050.9 - 1091
Mental health counseling RC466