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Education and Learning Assessment: Books and EBooks

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Books and EBooks are good information resources for you to develop fundamental knowledge of a topic.

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You may input your topics or keywords into the tab to search the relevant books and ebooks from EdUHK Library's collections.
Suggested keywords or subject headings on this page can give you more ideas on your search.

Keywords / Subject Headings

Keywords:  Educational assessment, Learning assessment, Examinations, Grading, Rating, Evaluation research, Curriculum evaluation

Subject Headings:

Educational evaluation

Educational tests and measurements

Grading and marking (Students)

Students – Rating of

Achievement tests

Effective teaching

Teacher effectiveness

Teachers – Rating of


Add subdivision ‘Evaluation’ for a subject e.g. College teaching – Evaluation, Learning – Evaluation

Where are the books located?

If you want to browse our physical collections in the MMW Library,  follow the below subclass of Library of Congress Classification Scheme and location. You may learn about the basics of Library of Congress Classification Scheme and call numbers, please see our guide entitled "How to Read Call Numbers". 

Educational evaluation


Educational tests and measurements,

Grading and marking (Students)

LB3051 - LB3063

Competency-based educational tests


Teachers – Rating of


LB2838 - LB2838.3

Preschool tests


School administration and organization



Teaching (Principles and practice)

LB1025 - 1050.7


Universities and colleges-Examinations

LB1762 - LB1765

LB2366| - LB2367