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Chinese History: Books and EBooks

Tips: Books and EBooks......

Books and EBooks are good information resources for you to develop fundamental knowledge of a topic.


Mao: The Unknown Story

Chang, Jung; Halliday, Jon; 2005

國史大綱(修訂本). 上冊

錢穆; 2015


國史大綱(修訂本). 下冊

錢穆; 2015


The Cambridge Illustrated History of China

Patricia Buckley Ebrey; 2nd ed.; 2010


柏楊; 1993


蕭公權; 1982


章詒和; 2015


Where are the books located?

China -- History
DS701 ~ DS799.9

If you want to browse books related to Chinese History, you may go to both MMW Library 3/F and TKO Learning Commons. Books in DS701 to DS799.9 would be your target!

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Keywords / Subject Headings

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中國歷史硏究 中國歷史教學 中國現代歷史
中國地理歷史 中國歷史人物 中國歷史改革
中國社會歷史 中國宗教歷史 中國文化歷史
中國法律歷史 中國政治歷史 學術思想史

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Areas Subject contains
Chinese History Education and Learning China -- History -- Study and teaching
Chinese History Exercises and Examination Questions China -- History -- Examinations
遠古 Ancient [Early To 221 B.C.] China -- To 221 B.C.
商 Shang Dynasty [1766-1122 B.C.] China -- Shang dynasty
周 Zhou(Chou) Dynasty [1122-221 B.C.] China -- Zhou dynasty
春秋 Spring and Autumn Period [722-481 B.C.] China -- Spring and Autumn period
戰國 Warring States [403-221 B.C.] China -- Warring States
秦 Qin(Ch'in) Dynasty [221-207 B.C.] China -- Qin dynasty
漢朝 Han Dynasty [202 B.C.-220 A.D.] China -- Han dynasty
三國 Three Kingdoms [220-265] China -- Three kingdoms
晉 Jin(Chin) Dynasty [265-317] China -- Jin dynasty
南北朝 Northern and Southern Dynasties [386-589] China -- Northern and Southern dynasties
隋 Sui Dynasty [518-618] China -- Sui dynasty
唐 Tang Dynasty [618-907] China -- Tang dynasty
五代十國 Five Dynasties and the Ten Kingdoms [907-979] China -- Five dynasties and the Ten kingdoms
宋 Song(Sung) Dynasty [960-1279] China -- Song dynasty
遼 Laio Dynasty (Kitans Mongols) [947-1125] China -- Liao dynasty
西夏 XI Xia (Hsi Hsia Dynasty / Tangut) [1038-1227] China -- Xi Xia dynasty
金 Jin(Chin) Dynasty [1115-1234] China -- Jin dynasty
元 Yuen Dynasty (Mongols) [1260-1368] China -- Yuen dynasty
明 Ming Dynastry [1368-1644] China -- Ming dynasty
清 Qing(Ch'ing / Manchus) [1644-1912] China -- Qing dynasty
中華民國 Republic of China [1912-1949] China -- 1912-1949
中華人民共和國  People's Republic [1949-] China -- 1949-
台灣 Taiwan, Republic of China   [1949-] History -- Taiwan