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Teacher Education: Books and EBooks

Tips: Books and EBooks......

Books and EBooks are good information resources for you to develop fundamental knowledge of a topic.

iSearch : Books + EBooks

You may input your topics or keywords into the tab to search the relevant books and ebooks from EdUHK Library's collections.
Suggested keywords or subject headings on this page can give you more ideas on your search.

Keywords / Subject Headings

Keywords:  Teacher education, Teacher educators, Teacher orientation

Subject Headings:

Teachers – Training of (under call no. LC1707)

Works on the history and methods of training teachers are shelved under different class numbers.  Add subdivision ‘Training of’ under classes of teachers e.g. Mathematics teachers --Training of (under QA11) ; English teachers -- Training of (under PE1128) ; Physical education teacher -- Training of (under GV363)

Add subdivision ‘Teacher training’ for a subject e.g. Activity programs in education --Teacher training ;  Education, Preschool -- Teacher training 

These are some Library of Congress Subject Headings which you can use to retrieve information on teacher education from iSearch. Use keywords if you do not know the correct subject heading.

Classroom Management

Effective Teaching

Student Teaching

Curriculum Evaluation

Instructional Systems

Teachers In-service Training

Curriculum Planning

Lesson Planning


Education Study and Teaching

Mentoring in Education

Tutors and Tutoring

Educational Tests and Measurements



Where are the books located?

Circulation Books on Class L (Education) are housed on 3/F of MMW Library.

Subject Area


Teaching (Principles and practice)

LB1025 - 1050.7

Education and training of teachers and administrators


School administration and organization

LB2801 - 3095

Curriculum planning


Classroom management