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Ethical Decision Making: Databases, Journals and Articles

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Selected Articles

Parks-Leduc, Laura, Mulligan, Leigh, and Rutherford, Matthew A. "Can Ethics Be Taught? Examining the Impact of Distributed Ethical Training and Individual Characteristics on Ethical Decision Making." Academy of Management Learning & Education (2020): Academy of Management Learning & Education, 2020-03-26. 

Weber, James. "Understanding the Millennials’ Integrated Ethical Decision-Making Process: Assessing the Relationship Between Personal Values and Cognitive Moral Reasoning." Business & Society 58.8 (2019): 1671-706. 

Mladenovic, Rosina, Martinov-Bennie, Nonna, and Bell, Amani. "Business Students’ Insights into Their Development of Ethical Decision-Making." Journal of Business Ethics 155.1 (2019): 275-87. 

Tinghög, Gustav, Andersson, David, Bonn, Caroline, Johannesson, Magnus, Kirchler, Michael, Koppel, Lina, and Västfjäll, Daniel. "Intuition and Moral Decision-Making – The Effect of Time Pressure and Cognitive Load on Moral Judgment and Altruistic Behavior." PloS One 11.10 (2016): E0164012. Web.