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English Language and Literature: Books and EBooks

Tips: Books and EBooks......

Books and EBooks are good information resources for you to develop fundamental knowledge of a topic.

Keywords / Subject Headings

Children Language Language arts
Children's literature Language experience approach in education
Discourse analysis Linguistics
Drama Literature History and criticism
English Language study and teaching Phonetics
English Literature study and teaching Poetry
Fiction Pragmatics
Grammar English Language Reading
Language acquistion Short stories
Language ane education Sociolinguistics

iSearch : Books + EBooks

You may input your topics or keywords into the tab to search the relevant books and ebooks from EdUHK Library's collections.
Suggested keywords or subject headings on this page can give you more ideas on your search.

Where are the books located?

General works on music can be found in various locations throughout the Library's collection. The followings are some of the Library of Congress classification numbers which will lead you to materials on your subject:

Philology and linguistics P
Language, Linguistic theory. Comparative grammar P101 – 410

Language Acquisition

P118 – 118.7

Classical languages and literature PA
English language


Modern English PE1001 – 3729
Literature (General)


Juvenile Literature  PN1008.2 – 1009.5
Poetry PN1010 – 1525
Drama PN1600 – 3307
Fiction PN6120.15 – 6120.95
English literature PR
American literature PS

See our "How to Read Call Numbers" guide to learn about the basics of Library of Congress Classification Scheme and call numbers.