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Open Access: Open Access Tools

OA Access Tools

Google Scholar Button

Google Scholar Button is a browser extension that allows users to easily search for scholarly articles and research papers on Google Scholar. With the click of a button, users can access full-text articles, citations, and related works. This tool is particularly useful for researchers and students who need to quickly find reliable sources for their work.


Unpaywall harvests materials from open access journals and repositories so users can easily find open access articles. It is a free browser extension that helps users access scholarly articles that are behind paywalls. It searches for legal open access versions of articles and provides a link to the full text if available.

Open Access Button

Open Access Button is a browser extension that can be installed on Google Chrome or Firefox. When a user comes across a research paper that is behind a paywall, they can click on the Open Access Button and the tool will search for an open access version of the paper. If an open access version is found, the user can access it for free. If an open access version is not found, the tool will help the user request the paper from the author or publisher.