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該平台提供文獻傳遞服務,讀者可以利用數據庫​​內的文獻傳遞功能通過電郵借閱部份內容。讀者可點撃“圖書館文獻傳遞” ,然後網上填表申請服務。







Films on Demand

Films on Demand consists of 16,000+ videos, archival films and newsreels in humanities, social sciences, health, science and business & economics.

China and the Modern World

Covers a period of about 180 years (1800s to 1980s) when China experienced radical and often traumatic transformations from an inward-looking imperial dynasty into a globally engaged republic.

Entrepreneurship Database

Entrepreneurship content includes journals, dissertations, working papers, and conference proceedings - to a full toolkit of practical guides, templates, forms, sample business plans and tips from successful entrepreneur.

Hongkong Weekly News Online

The Hongkong News offers scholars the undiluted voice and mindset of the Japanese administration of occupied Hong Kong from New Year 1941 to mid-August 1945. 

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